Beef and Potato Stew

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Kött- och potatisgryta


Prepare yourself for any situation by stocking up on our fantastic beef and potato stew pouches. Made from tender strips of beef and chunky vegetables in a rich tomato sauce, this is a meal that can keep you warm and ready to face any situation.

Our pouches are light-weight and easy to store due to being freeze-dried. Because each meal is cooked prior to the freeze-drying process, preparing your stew is easy; simply add water and wait a few minutes. This means that we can consistently provide you with high quality, convenient meals that pack loads of nutritional benefit into a convenient package with a lengthy shelf life.

These meals are a perfect choice if you are looking to add to your existing emergency food supply or need to a find a long-lasting meal solution to stock supplies for an isolated location, such as an oil rig or a farm that can be cut off by the elements.