Custard Apple Crunch

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Our freeze-dried Custard Apple Crunch Tin provides enough, hot, creamy custard, tangy apple pieces and crunchy oat clusters to feed 14 people. There’s no need to wait when rehydrating the ingredients either; just add water and stir for a quick and delicious dessert. You can use either hot or cold water for this, giving you access to a delicious warming treat or tasty dessert regardless of what conditions you’re facing.

A dessert is a fantastic way to lift the mood and should be something you think about when preparing your food supplies. If you’re waiting out a power cut or trapped somewhere due to poor weather, having a warming treat can help lift the mood and make a situation more bearable.

Due to being freeze-dried, our dessert tins are a fantastic, long-lasting emergency food option, with a shelf life of 25 years. They are also light-weight and easy to store meaning that you can stockpile food for the foreseeable future in less space than the fresh ingredients would take up.