Salmon and Broccoli Pasta

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Pasta och lax


For a delicious, creamy pasta dish, look no further than our Salmon and Broccoli Pasta tin. We’ve combined tender flakes of salmon, broccoli florets and pasta spirals with a wonderfully flavoursome creamy sauce.

Each meal is cooked before being freeze-dried. This helps to reduce the overall weight and help make food easier to store. Perfect for those looking to ensure they have access to a warm meal in any situation.

Due to being freeze-dried, our meals are incredibly easy to prepare; simply add water to the tin, wait for the ingredients to rehydrate and a delicious, creamy pasta dish can be ready in no time. This is ideal if you need to feed a group of people with a minimum of fuss, with each tin feeding 8.

Packed with carbohydrates and protein, our meal tins have a 25-year shelf life. This is great for people who need to store food for any situation, be that a power cut, or in case they find themselves cut off due to a natural disaster or poor weather. Such as working on a farm and being cut off by flooding in a field for example.