Äggröra med ost

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Äggröra med ost


The hearty breakfast is a great way to set yourself up for the day and ensure you have the energy to deal with whatever situation arises. Our Scrambled Egg with Cheese is made from a delicious mix of creamy scrambled egg and our luxurious cheese sauce.

Made from the freshest ingredients, our meal pouches are expertly cooked then freeze-dried, meaning each pouch is packed with flavour and takes up as little space as possible. This means storage is easy, and a lengthy 7-year shelf life helps to make them a fantastic choice for emergency food supplies or supply stores for isolated work places.

Packed with carbohydrates and protein, eggs are often a staple of emergency food stores because of their nutritional value, perfect for helping maintain your nutritional requirements during situations where you might be waiting out a power cut or for severe weather to pass.